New amazing images show Hawaii from space

New amazing images show Hawaii from space

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Italian astronomy enthusiast Ignazio Magnani regularly shares images of the earth captured from space. And earlier this month, he spotlighted Hawaii.

On Jan. 9, the space station passed over Mauna Loa and captured an image of the volcano covered in snow.

He shared the image on Twitter, along with a photo of Kilauea volcano.

He also posted a photo captured high above Honolulu, shot on Jan. 16.

Magnani has garnered a loyal Twitter following thanks to his photos. After sharing the images of the islands, Magnani moved onto Mexico and also encouraged people to keep a lookout for International Space Station.

"A bright light in the clear sky could be the space station, if you know where to look," he wrote on Twitter.

Mobile users: See a slideshow of his images by clicking here.

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