Geek Beat:  Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum Talk Power Outages, Nintendo, ASUS and Google Voice

Dan Cooke talks with Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum about power strips, especially with the high winds and power outages of the last weekend!

They also talked about Nintendo; the NES Classic that was unveiled and the brand new console called Nintendo Switch; it's out on March 3rd.

Computers are getting smaller, especially with Raspberry Pi when it was released.  The brand new device is ASUS Tinkerboard from a company from Taiwan.  4k video running UNIX, 2 USB ports and more; you can buy for $68

...and the latest on Google Voice; suddenly yesterday there was a new post, it's been refreshed to where it can be used for photos, txt msging and more.

Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum are on the radio show Bytemarks Cafe on 89.3 FM.

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