Gridlock from water main fix a speed bump for East Honolulu businesses

KAHALA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - East Honolulu businesses are dealing with cancellations and delivery slowdowns following a water main break on the H-1 Freeway eastbound in Kahala.

Courier Corporation of Hawaii delivers documents, supplies and medical specimens to many offices from Kaimuki through Hawaii Kai. The bottleneck on the H-1 Freeway is a major speed bump that forced the company to call its clients.

"It slowed us down quite a bit," sales manager Alan Ching said. "We just have to do what we have to do, just bear down. We're going to be late and everybody understands it. They know."

On Monday, drop-offs and pick-ups all ran behind schedule.

"We have three scheduled deliveries a day going out to the East side and all of them were affected. We have one truck that goes out in the morning and that was bad too, that was about an hour late," Ching said.

At Aina Haina Eye Center, the waiting room was uncharacteristically empty. By mid-day, 20 patients had rescheduled appointments.

"A lot of them pretty much call about a month in advance. We have to either work them in somewhere in between or they just have to come in another month later," office manager Shelley Paet said.

The Eye Center on West Hind Drive, which houses several medical offices, is doing similar juggling acts.

"We had to actually change all our Saturday appointments to this following Saturday," Paet said, adding, "Hopefully, the road is fixed by then."

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