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Trending - tailgate hack, old word origin, cute video of the day and a horse horsing around

(Image: Youtube/Delish) (Image: Youtube/Delish)

In "what's trending" today, Steve shows us a tailgating hack that blew his mind. The problem with tailgating or really with any party, is that you only have two hands: One to carry the drink and the other to carry the plate. So how can you eat, Steve wonders. Besides the obvious, (which is using a table) you can follow this hack. Take your plastic cup, turn over your empty plate and draw a circle around the cup. Use a box cutter to cut out a hole, put your cup inside and reinforce the outside of it with tape. Then use a second cup to hold everything up. Voila, you have your plate with a cup/bottle holder in one. Feel free to roam, eat and drink.

Howard tells us about a cool website called Mental Floss that tells us the origin of some old words that we use. The premise is, these words got fossilized in idiom. We mostly don’t use them any more except in certain phrases, but those phrases pop up all the time. Like getting your just deserts. It has nothing to do with dessert. Desert used to mean, that which you deserved. That word dates from the 1400's. Ever wend your way someplace? Wend means go. The past tense of wend is went. One more. Do you eke out a living? To eke is to stretch out or supplement. When someone gives you a supplemental name, it’s an eke name, which has become a nickname.

Grace shared the cute video of the day. It's a shih tzu puppy getting a shower. While it's getting sprayed with water, the pup moves its legs like it's swimming.

Dan showed us a creature that is just horsing around. It's a horse with a squeaky toy and he just can't get enough.

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