Conservation group moves albatross eggs from military base

Conservation group moves albatross eggs from military base

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - Federally protected seabirds are being moved from a military base on Kauai to safer nesting areas.

The Garden Island reports that Hawaii's Pacific Missile Range Facility poses a threat to the Laysan albatross because of the possibility for collisions between birds and military aircraft.

Pacific Rim Conservation recently removed 33 albatross eggs from nests near the facility and took them to Oahu. Six of those eggs are expected to start hatching in about a week.

Most of the eggs have been placed at the Kaena Point Natural Area Reserve, although some are in incubators until foster nests are found.

This is the conservation group's third annual relocation from the base.

The group also included black-footed albatross in the program this year and will start removing those birds next month.

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