Vet on the Set: Hair loss in cats

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We all love to take care of our furry friends, but sometimes nature has a way of making it a little more difficult for us to do that.  One common problem among our four-legged friends is that of hair loss.   While there may be a number of reasons why our pets may lose their fur and hair, it can be treatable.

The most common causes of hair loss in cats is allergies.  These cats tend to bald on their belly area and also hind legs and tail.  Fleas, lice and mites can cause severe hair loss on cats, too.  Veterinarians can provide safe and effective preventative medications.  Fungal (ringworm) hair loss is common in kittens and we can diagnose some with a black light.  (will show a prop - a black light flashlight)  Other causes of hair loss are stress and anxiety which leads to overgrooming, hormonal causes, hyperthyroid and neoplasia and cancer.  Veterinarians use the history of the pet, pattern of the hair loss, symmetrical or not, skin scrapings, blood tests, fungal cultures, skin biopsys, etc. to determine the cause of hair loss in cats.

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