Rep. Hanabusa receives new House committee assignments

WASHINGTON D.C. (HawaiiNewsNow) - U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa has received new House committee assignments, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday.

Hanabusa has been appointed to the Armed Services and Natural Resources committees.

She issued the following statements:

I am honored to continue my work on the Armed Services Committee.  During the 112th and 113th Congresses, one of my top priorities was the pivot to Asia-Pacific, highlighting the significance of Asia-Pacific in the 21st century.  The Pacific Command (PACOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR) covers 55% of the earth's surface and contains the three greatest economies of the world:  the United States, China and Japan.  While Japan is the cornerstone of our alliances in Asia-Pacific, being on the Armed Services Committee will enable me to continue focusing on the region's security, diplomatic and economic stability.  Another benefit is the opportunity it gives me to work with Hawaii's outstanding military leaders, the best among the best.

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