Aloha Stadium Authority endorses resolution to build new, smaller stadium

Aloha Stadium Authority endorses resolution to build new, smaller stadium

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Aloha Stadium Authority approved a resolution Thursday that expresses support of a state-funded, newer, smaller stadium.

The resolution encourages state law makers to approve funding for a 30,000-40,000 seat arena that could accommodate multiple outdoor events.

The authority supported the resolution citing that the rising costs of current stadium maintenance will simply upkeep the aging facility, and not create any new amenities for stadium guests.

The resolution comes as deed restrictions are expected to be lifted from the site of Aloha Stadium.

"We are excited for the future but recognize this is just one step in a very long process. The current stadium is safe to operate and we will continue to host events and welcome guests knowing that it may take a number of years until a new facility is constructed," Stadium Manager, Scott Chan said in a press release.

The new stadium facility is said to offer increased concessions and a more efficient building system.

Aloha Stadium officially opened in 1975. The stadium, home to University of Hawaii football games, is Hawaii's largest outdoor arena with 50,000 seats. The stadium is also home to a weekly swap meet, and national sporting events like the NFL Pro-Bowl game.

A rail transit station is also being built on the current property of Aloha Stadium, and stadium officials believe a new facility would create opportunities for an array of events and generate revenue for state and local governments.

"This has created an opportune time for the State to determine the prudent path to ensure the highest and best use of its resource," Stadium Authority Chair, Ross Yamasaki said.

No word on how much a new stadium would cost. For more information on Aloha Stadium, click here.

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