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What's trending - Obituary for Clare Hollingworth, a Beefy referee and a new Chewbacca mom

(Image: Twitter/PlayoffRef) (Image: Twitter/PlayoffRef)

For "what's trending" today, Howard tells us about an extraordinary woman who has died. She was the reporter who broke the story of World War II. Clare Hollingworth was driving along from Germany to Poland. The wind lifted a piece of tarpaulin that kept people from seeing a valley beside the road. And there they were – hundreds of tanks, armed cars and field cars. Clare turned around and drove back to her office. Her story ran in the London Daily Telegraph the next day. Three days later Germany invaded Poland. That wasn’t her only scoop. It was Clare Hollingworth who identified Kim Philby as a Russian spy. She also broke the story of Washington setting up Paris peace talks with Vietnam. In her late seventies, she was at Tienanmen Square, shimmying up a lamppost to see better. To the end of her life, she slept with her passport. Clare Hollingworth was 105 years old.

Steve tells us how one football referee who is taking the internet by storm because of his massive, beefy arms. Ed Hochuli, please! That's what football fans were saying after the college football championship on Monday. That's because of this guy! The ref's name is Mike Defee. The 54-year-old lit up twitter after the first penalty because he's jacked! CBS Sports tweeted a pic with the caption: "When you hit triceps earlier today and you want America to be aware." And yes, there were a ton of comparisons to NFL referee Ed Hochuli who sports a pair of guns himself. One fan wrote: "Ed Hochuli is watching this referee and shaking his head and saying "hell naw." And doing 100 push-ups." Another: "Instead of the Pro Bowl, let's just have a boxing match between Ed Hochuli and this swoll ref." Back to Defee, by the end of the night someone set up a Twitter account for his arms. One of the tweets: "Mike Defee 2020, Make America Swole Again."

Grace says there is a new Chewbacca mom in town. Last year, Candace Payne's video went viral after she donned a Wookie mask on Facebook Live. She couldn't stop laughing. Now, Katie Stricker Curtis has posted her own video with the mask while she's in labor. She eventually gave birth to a boy named Jayden.

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