Local Connection: Matayoshi vs. Ige

Departing Schools Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi showed significant courage last week.

She actually went on the record on Hawaii News Now to contradict the governor's statements about who decided she should not be renewed.

The governor told reporters that he had "nothing to do" with the Matayoshi decision.

But in her interview with Hawaii News Now…Matayoshi said the Governor was the one who told her back in August that it was time for a new direction and a new superintendent. And when she went to her official boss, the chair of the school board, he said the board was doing what the governor wanted.

It appears the governor felt pretty strongly about the need for change. And to be fair to the governor, it is his right and responsibility to take action when he feels it is necessary.

But hand in hand with that power is the duty to tell the truth and accept accountability for those decisions.  In this case it appeared he tried to pass the buck to his appointees.

We are still left with questions about what was behind this decision.  But now, f an explanation is offered, it is not clear how much we can trust the answer.

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