Local Connection: Pearl Harbor

Hawaii and the nation are taking time this week to pause and remember the attack on Pearl Harbor -- December 7th 1941.

Here in Hawaii, we know that it was actually an attack on more than just the harbor. Schofield, Wheeler, Barber's Point, Kaneohe -- all saw damage and death.

So did civilian areas, struck by both the attacking aircraft and the bullets and shrapnel thrown up in defense.

There were many heroes that day… military and civilian…and very few survive for this 75th commemoration of their courage and sacrifice.

But those of us who reaped the benefit of their sacrifice must sustain their stories for the generations to come. That's why Hawaii News Now is proud to be the broadcast partner of the official commemoration. We are documenting and broadcasting the week's events around the world…even to military installations in current war zones. To help our service members remember the legacy that they now bear.

So please, spend a few moments this week on television or online to join the world as we share the memory of that sunny Sunday morning, a day that lives on in both infamy and honor.

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