BOE approves new strategic plan aimed at bolstering achievement

BOE approves new strategic plan aimed at bolstering achievement

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state Board of Education unanimously approved Tuesday a new strategic plan for Hawaii's schools aimed at bolstering student achievement and getting more kids to college.

The plan was approved despite opposition from the teachers' union, and even as Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi counts down the time left as head of Hawaii schools.

The strategic plan sets a series of benchmarks aimed at increasing test scores, boosting college admissions and dialing up achievement for special education students by 2020.

One of the many to reach a 90 percent high school graduation rate by the year 2025.

"This is a living document. It's not something we put away on a shelf. It's not a static document. It's something we will continue to try to improve on," said BOE Chair Lance Mizumoto.

But the Hawaii State Teacher's Association said the plan doesn't pay enough attention to teacher retention and how the department plans to pay its educators.

"The Hawaii State Teachers Association is asking this board to not approve the strategic plan currently," HSTA President Corey Rosenlee said, in a Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

Added Baldwin High School teacher David Negaard: "The strategic plan tried very hard to be progressive while holding onto a corporate model of leadership better suited for a manufacturing concern. Education is not manufacturing."

Now that it's approved, the DOE will begin rolling out the plan next year, even as the Board of Education seeks a replacement for Matayoshi.

Matayoshi's contract ends in June, and BOE has announced it would not be renewed.

1. Chronic Absenteeism. Percentage of students who are absent for 15 or more days during the school year. 15% 13%
2. School Climate. Percentage of students reporting positive school climate as measured by the Safety Dimension of the School Quality Survey. 73% 79%
3. Inclusion Rate. Percentage of students receiving special education services who are in general education classes for 80 percent or more of the school day. 37% 51%
4. 3rd Grade Literacy. Percentage of 3rd graders demonstrating reading of “At or Near” or “Above” grade-level expectation on Smarter Balanced Assessment. 65% 76%
5. 9th Grade On-Track. Percentage of first-time 9th graders promoted to 10th grade on-time. 90% 94%
6. Academic Achievement. Percentage of students meeting achievement targets on statewide assessments in English Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics, and Science.
Language Arts 51% 61%
Math 42% 54%
Science 43% 64%
7. High School Graduation. On-time rate based on federal methodology for Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate of students for earning a diploma within four years. 82% 86%
8. Career & Technical Education Concentration. Percentage of 12th graders who complete a CTE Program of Study. 38% 50%
9. College-Going Rate. Percentage of high school completers enrolled in postsecondary institutions nationwide—vocational or trade schools, 2- or 4-year colleges—in the fall following graduation. 56% 62%
10. Teacher Positions Filled. Percentage filled as of August 1 each year. 96% 98%
11. Teacher Retention.  Percentage of teachers retained after five years. 52% 60%
12. Repair & Maintenance Backlog. Dollar amount in list of unfunded or deferred major R&M projects. $279M $239M

To see the full strategic plan, click here.

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