McCully Street to get bike lanes, lose parking

McCully, Oahu - McCully Street is poised to get a bike lane, but at the expense of on-street parking.

In January, the city will paint a line five feet from the curb on McCully Street.

The street is 50 feet across with four traffic lanes. The two inside are 10 feet wide. The outside lanes are 15 feet.

"There is room to simply put down a stripe and put down a bike lane," said Mark Garrity, acting director of the city's Department of Transportation Services.

The bike lanes will run on both sides of McCully from Kapiolani Boulevard to King Street.

"There's such a strong demand for people to bike between Waikiki and the university area, and they're using McCully," Garrity said.

Some residents think the plan could backfire and attract too many bicyclists to McCully.

"This street gets really congested, especially on Fridays, traffic time. I worry about the bicyclists," McCully resident Darlene Fujimoto said.

But Garrity believes the designated lanes will make the street safer for bike riders, drivers and pedestrians.

Another concern is that the bike lanes will rob residents of street parking.

"I think the parking would be more important," Jacob Yoshioka said. "A lot of people have a hard time finding parking at night, especially people who have two cars."

Garrity said the city should have removed the parking area a long time ago because it's too narrow and doesn't meet safety standards. He said parked vehicles have gotten sideswiped and parked cars encroach on pedestrian space.

"Especially larger vehicles, they'll pull up onto the curb or onto the sidewalk with two of their wheels and that's creating an unsafe situation," he said.

After McCully Street is done, the city will install a bike lane on South Street early next year, creating two mauka-makai connections to the King Street bicycle track. Other streets will follow.

"I think Piikoi is probably going to be the next one," Garrity said. "We're also considering Pensacola and even Keeaumoku for bike lanes."

Ward Avenue is also on the list, but bike lanes on those streets are a few years down the road.

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