Local Connection: Crime Mapping

Local Connection: Crime Mapping

Last week, Honolulu residents finally got something that people everywhere else in the country have had for years.

The police department began posting violent crimes – like assaults and sex offenses – on its neighborhood crime maps.

It was long overdue; the information has been demanded by local community leaders and council members here for years.

The department had argued that putting violent crime on the public map was unnecessary – and could potentially lead to identification of victims.

Those concerns apparently evaporated pretty quickly under public pressure. The decision to upload the new data came minutes before a hearing where council members were going to grill police executives about the omission.

Sadly,this was just another example of a police department that puts public information at its lowest priority. That's unacceptable in the modern world, where transparency is essential to public trust.

We can only hope that this new openness is part of a new policy…and not just a way to temporarily quiet the critics.

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