Dreams Expert: Deja vu, pregnancy, natural disasters

Paul Unkrur is the Sunrise dream interpreter. Today, Cara Pittman submitted her dream. She said, "I had a question about what it means to have a dream of something before it becomes in reality. I actually get them quite frequently. And they're usually just short scenes of a particular moment. And then they'll happen a couple weeks or a couple months from when I dreamed it. So, I was wondering if it had anything to do with deja vu or if there was a significant meaning behind it.

Doctor Paul said that this feeling is fairly common. Deja vu is a feeling of having a memory but without any facts to support that you experienced it before. One theory is that thoughts just pop into your mind, so this could be the result of a false memory playing tricks on your mind. Others say that it is deja vu and it tends to happen to people who tend to be more spiritual, introspective or into meditating because they're looking for meaning in their dreams.

Former Sunrise anchor Malika Judd offered her dream saying, "when i was pregnant the first time, i had these really weird, super vivid dreams. So when I got pregnant the second time, within a week, i was having those dreams and I woke my husband up and I was like, 'I'm pregnant' because they were just so weird. So, I'm wondering first of all if that's normal and second of all, why do pregnant women have such weird dreams like that?"

Doctor Paul said that you can thank all those raging hormones in your body for providing vivid and strange dreams for pregnant women. He also pointed out that when women are expecting, they tend to sleep more. That gives them more time to dream. It's common to dream about gardens or even water and swimming because of the amniotic fluid that's building up in the womb. Later on in the pregnancy, when it becomes harder to sleep through the night, he said pregnant women tend to wake up more. Because of that, they tend to disrupt their dreams and remember them more than usual.

The final dreamer said that she often dreams"that a big earthquake hits. And I have three little kids and a husband and he's off at work, and I can't find my one kid who is at school, the other is with grandma, one is with me,and I'm going 'how am I going to get us all back together', what does that mean?"

Dr. Paul said that the earthquake may be representative of something that can change your life without notice. Because it's an earthquake Dr. Paul wonders if some issue is bubbling up to the surface in her family that she knows is coming and she's expecting it to explode. It's also shows the anxiety that mothers feel about their kids, particularly when they're not together. They worry that something could happen and they're not there to protect their kids.

If you have a dream you would like to share, email Dr. Paul at paulunkrur@yahoo.com.

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