Local Connection: President-elect Trump

The idea of a Donald Trump presidency is only just sinking in for most of us.

In a state where Trump got barely 30 percent of the vote, a lot of people just didn't understand his appeal and were offended by some of his abrasive comments and his abrupt personality.

But 60 million people seemed to connect with him. So how did he get 60 million votes?

As ironic as it was for a jet-set billionaire, Donald Trump understood the frustrations of working people across the country. These are the people who were bypassed as the economy improved for others - especially the rich.

Even though overall unemployment is down, jobs in their communities have been shipped overseas and not replaced.

Regardless of his tactics, Trump has exposed economic problems and inequities that deserve immediate attention. Whether he can fix them or not remains to be seen - but it is a worthy effort that deserves support and should not be obstructed just because it's led by President-elect Trump.

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