Aki Matsuri celebrates children and culture

Interview: Aki Matsuri at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii

The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii is celebrating children and culture at their annual Aki Matsuri festival.  Carole Hayashino is president and executive director of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.  Leighton Hara is with the Kenshikan Kendo Club.

Aki Matsuri is the fall festival that honors Hawai'i's children as well as the many Japanese traditions and cultural arts that are still practiced today.

They will be commemorating Bunka no Hi or "Culture Day" and Shichi Go San or "Seven, Five, Three Festival," Shichi Go San is a festival where families have their children dress up in elegant kimono and zori and get blessed for a safe and healthy future.

November 3 is traditionally known as Bunka no Hi or Culture Day in Japan. Around this date, many festivals and events are held to promote and spread the various cultural arts of Japan.

Aki Matsuri will celebrate both of these traditions in one fun-filled day. Festival goers can enjoy entertainment by a number of children's groups, hands-on activities, a variety of food vendors, and a craft fair. This event is open to the public and admission to the festival is free.

Kendo, literally "the Way of the Sword." This group has been participating in JCCH festivals for many years. The Kenshikan Kendo Club will be one of many performance groups entertaining festival attendees throughout the day.

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