Thinking about writing in your pick for president? Read this first

Thinking about writing in your pick for president? Read this first

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Don't like any of the choices for president on the Hawaii ballot?

Sorry, Hawaii voters, writing a candidate in isn't an option.

Some states do allow write-ins for the presidential election. But in the islands, a write-in won't be counted, said state Office of Elections spokeswoman Nedielyn Bueno.

Bueno says more than a few Hawaii voters this election season have asked whether they can write in a candidate for the presidential race.

"Definitely, we've been telling voters about the Hawaii provisions," she said. "But voters will do what voters will do."

Here's who qualified to be on Hawaii's ballot for president:


Constitution Party

Darrell L. Castle
Scott N. Bradley

Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton
Tim Kaine

Libertarian Party

Gary Johnson
Bill Weld

Green Party

Jill Stein
Ajamu Baraka

Republican Party

Donald J. Trump
Michael R. Pence

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Still thinking about writing in your pick for president?

The good news is that you're free to do it, and it won't spoil your ballot "as long as the rest of the ballot is filled out properly," Bueno said.

In other words, your pick for president won't count, but your choices for other races will.

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