State Rep. Tom Brower discusses issues leading up to re-election

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - State Representative Tom Brower is up for re-election and on Thursday, he visited the Sunrise studios to speak with Grace Lee.

Brower is seeking to remain on the seat for District 22, which includes Ala Moana, Kakaako and Waikiki.

The first issue Brower discussed was the state Department of Education's proposal to collect nearly $9,400 from every unit built in the "School Impact District" in order to build new schools or expand existing ones.

One district would run along the rail route from Middle street to Waikiki, up mauka to H1 Freeway and down to the water's edge.

Click here for a more detailed look into DOE's proposal.

Brower said the proposal is a great idea to look into for the sustainable futures of both the rail and education systems. However, he said there needs to be ample hearing involving the legislature and the public beforehand.

Brower also discussed homelessness.

He suggested that the issue of homeless is not as difficult to solve as some people make it out to be.

The solution he subsequently offered was for the government and the homeless care providers to be more proactive.

Speaking specifically about the government, he said the government ought to designate more campsites for the homeless because currently, the lax camping rules allow the homeless to be spread out. He also said the state does not have enough money to build shelters or permanent housing for all the homeless.

Brower also spoke briefly about the illegal vacation rentals in the state.

Like homelessness, Brower said the government was too lax in controlling those engaging in illegal rental activity.

He said the government must be stricter because not only is the state missing out on tax money, but the local tourism industry is hurting because the illegal rental units are competing against hotel rooms.

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