What's trending - soda studies and plane trick-or-treating

In what's trending today, Howard talked about a University of California report that found studies are less likely to link soda to obesity when soda companies fund them. The industry replies that the researcher was a paid expert in favor of warning labels on soft drinks. Out of 60 studies, each of the 26 studies with ties to the industry found no link. While 33 of 34 studies with no financial ties DID link soft drinks to obesity.

Grace had a story on a great dad. Sometimes, life can get in the way of Halloween. But one dad decided that he wasn't going to let his toddler be disappointed. We don't know his name because he wanted to remain anonymous. He was on a flight from Boston to San Francisco on Halloween. His 3 year old daughter couldn't trick-or-treat because of the flight. So, he passed out a note and candy to all the passengers. Basically, the note said his 3 year old Molly was bummed that she was missing out and that it would make her night if you could drop this candy in her basket as she walks down the aisle.  If you're not willing, please just pass it back. She dressed up as a doughnut and then got to trick-or-treat down the aisle of the Virgin America plane.

Dan shared a blog that shared some word options to replace the word "good". Here it is if you would like to expand your vocabulary: http://holykaw.alltop.com/200-words-use-instead-good?gk3

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