State senator Sam Slom looks ahead to election day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - State senator Sam Slom has been in office for nearly 20 years. He also happens to be the only Republican in the state senate. And in the upcoming elections, former city councilman and Democrat Stanley Chang is seeking to take that seat from Slom.

On Tuesday, senator Slom dropped by Sunrise to speak with Steve Uyehara.

As the lone Republican, Slom says he is aware of the "Trump effect" and that he is concerned to some degree.

The effect is in reference to several instances of Donald Trump's behavior that has been described as brash and controversial throughout this election season.

But, Slom says he stands by the work he's done in tackling local issues and the relationships he's built with members of the opposing party to be able to work together.

Slom also discussed the issue of rail.

Simply put, Slom is starkly against it. In fact, he says he wants to stop it, citing the project is too expensive and additional tax increases is not an option he wants to partake in.

The question is, just how many people will agree with Slom's views that they'll come out to vote for him?

The answer to that is reserved until Nov. 8.

However, in a previous interview, Hawaii News Now political analyst Colin Moore said Slom could be facing a tough battle as Trump coming under Clinton in most polls could take away from the motivation of Republican or Republican leaning voters from heading to the polling stations.

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