A closer look into Thanksgiving flight trends

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For Tuesday's edition of Illustrated Economics, Howard explained Thanksgiving travel patterns.

A map created by the New York Times visualizes flights departing a city with a red line.

The map shows Hawaii doesn't get so many visitors from Los Angeles area, but a considerable amount from San Francisco.

Florida showed an interesting trend. It appeared people in Orlando and Miami traded places often. One way to interpret that would be to say folks in Orlando take Thanksgiving to enjoy Miami Beach, and contrarily, people in Miami fly up to Orlando to visit Disney World.

By analyzing the flight in and out of major cities, and it attempt to decipher a pattern, it can be deduced that there really isn't a map of Thanksgiving flying; what actually happens may be that people simply use Thanksgiving as an excuse to fly to wherever their heart desires.

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