Air capacity numbers for November analyzed

Air capacity numbers for November analyzed

November's international air capacity numbers are in, and while projects for shoulder season is encouraging, there are still some challenges the Hawaii tourism industry faces.

The numbers are based on scheduled air seats in the month of November.

Japan's air capacity took a hit from 154,000 last year to 148,000. Although Japan remains by far the largest group to visit Hawaii, the drastic drop in flight seating poses a significant hurdle for the local tourism industry.

A marginal increase is projected for visitors from Canada (up from 37,000 to 38,000).

As for South Korea, rather sizable increase from 24,000 visitors to 30,000 is predicted.

Consequently, November's increased figure for South Korea means it took Australia for the third largest tourism market for Hawaii.

Chinese tourists will see an easier time bookie flights as the number of seats were bumped up from 11,000 to 16,000.

Guam, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan and Micronesia rounded up bottom half of the list.

In total, the number of air seats for Nov. 2016 is 1,000 less than figures for Nov. 2015.