What's trending - Yes, pumpkin stars and dressing up for your dog

What's trending - Yes, pumpkin stars and dressing up for your dog

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In what's trending, Howard said, if you're a fan of the progressive rock band "Yes," imagine a reunion. A full reunion isn't possible after the death last year of bassist Chris Squire. And he was the only member of "Yes" to play on every album. But vocalist Jon Anderson, who was on most of them, is asking for a reunion. Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player on some of the biggest albums, says, count him in. So does Trevor Rabin, who wrote, "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Now, they need Steve Howe, who played guitar most of the albums. And they need drummer Alan White, or his predecessor Bill Bruford. These guys aren't getting any younger. "Yes" is a shoo-in for the Rock-and Roll Hall of Fame next April.

Steve said that NASA has discovered something called "pumpkin stars" just in time for Halloween. Researchers spotted them with the NASA Kepler and Swift missions. So what are they? They're stars that spin so fast that according to NASA officials, "they've been squashed into pumpkin-like shapes." There are 18 of these stars that also produce X-rays at more than 100 times the peak levels ever seen from the sun. There's one in particular called KSW-71. It's 10 times bigger than our sun. It rotates in just 5.5 days, and produces X-ray emission 4,000 times greater than the sun does at its maximum.

Grace introduced a dog named Jolene whose favorite toy is Gumby. Her owner decided to dress up like a life-size Gumby for Halloween and the dog was stunned. You have to see the video to see her reaction!

Dan shared all kinds of great Halloween costumes on kids. You can use the #HNNHalloween on the Hawaii News Now instagram page, and you could see your pictures on air.

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