Scary Stories of Hawaii: Don't bring alcohol on the tour

Scary Stories of Hawaii: Don't bring alcohol on the tour

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The ghost tour that night is at a very significant place, a place very important. Someplace almost very sacred. The one thing I don't allow on my tours is alcohol and if people show up drunk, I have to ask them to leave. So that night, as we're walking around the grounds of this very important location, somebody takes a picture of a visitor from out of state and she's wearing this backpack. And they show me the picture the very next second after it's taken, and there seems to be some sort of strange, ecto-plasmic thing, some kind of form-changing apparition and it looks like it's pointing to the woman's backpack.

I asked her as I show her the picture, "Do you know what this is? Do you know why it looks like it's pointing to your backpack?"

She says, "Oh, I'm sorry."

She opens the backpack, there's four bottles of German dark beer. Is it true? Could it be that the ghosts who haunt that place were either pointing her out so that I'd know there was alcohol in her backpack, or did they want some?

Well, just to be safe, the woman opened a bottle of the German dark beer and poured it out and profusely apologized if she'd caused any disrespect.

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