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What's trending - Halloween costumes and pranks, "Inferno" movie review

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In What's trending, Howard gives a stellar movie review about the new Tom Hanks' movie "Inferno." It's is based on a Dan Brown novel. Hanks plays the same character he played in "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels & Demons." Howard said he's read the novel and found the movie to be much stronger than the original book. "Inferno" is so fast-paced, you don't think so much about the seams in the plot. He especially enjoyed Infan Khan, the star of "Life of Pi." In "Inferno", he plays a vicious assassin with impeccable manners. It reminds Howard of "Three Days of the Condor," where Max von Sydow plays an assassin who tries to kill Robert Redford's character, but, when the contract is canceled, offers him a ride to the train station.

Grace shared the Halloween costume of Glowy Zoey. In 2013, you may remember that as a toddler she had an LED light costume that made her look like a stick figure. It was incredibly cute. This time, her dad transforms her into a cumulus cloud complete with lightning and dubs her "Princess Cumulus." It had flashing LED lights in a blow up costume that was a little cumbersome, but Zoey clearly loved it!

Dan shows a Burger King franchise in Queens, New York that transformed itself for Halloween. Someone dressed the fast food restaurant into a McDonalds ghost.  It generated a lot of comments on social media.

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