Sept. tourism stats show encouraging signs for shoulder season

Sept. tourism stats show encouraging signs for shoulder season

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The tourism stats are in from September and they're quite good, especially for shoulder season.

George Szigeti, CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, stopped by Sunrise on Friday and discussed the numbers with Howard Dicus.

A strong September highlighted by new records for the month in visitor arrivals and spending means the first three quarters of 2016 was the best ever for our tourism industry, and keeps Hawaii ahead of pace to set new annual records.

This is welcome news for our state, as every business, resident and charitable organization benefits in one way or another by Hawaii having a successful tourism economy.

A bonus of our tourism industry's success is the positive impact it has on Hawaii's tax revenue base.

Through the first three quarters, Hawaii's tourism industry generated $1.24 billion in state tax revenue, which is an increase of $43.6 million over last year.

These are funds that are vital to the economic health of our state and help support government services essential to our quality of life.

September was also a key month for HTA in sharing their vision at the Hawaii Tourism Conference to keep Hawaii tourism strong going into 2017.

The HTA unveiled its global marketing plans for next year, introduced new high-tech global marketing tools in virtual reality and facial recognition software, and focused attention on the need for tourism industry stakeholders to collaborate as Hawaii faces heightened competition from other destinations worldwide.