Local Connection: Early Voting Begins

Local Connection: Early Voting Begins

There is only one thing that's safe to say about this year's presidential election: Everyone seems to have an opinion.

Whether that will translate into actual votes is unfortunately not as clear.

Early Walk-in voting begins this week statewide. It's a great opportunity to do your duty as a citizen, and then just sit back and watch the fireworks on Election Night.

There is a lot of talk about people not voting at all because they are so disenchanted with their choices and the conduct of the candidates.

That would be shameful – and we can only hope that Hawaii isn't embarrassed again by the lowest turnout in the nation.

Our Oahu mayor's race may be close enough that every vote WILL count. And even though we aren't a state that usually plays a decisive role in the presidential election – voters here are part of the overall mandate that the winner will take to the white house.

If you can't bring yourself to vote for either presidential candidate … there are other parties on the ballot and a vote for one of them is one way to express your discontent.

Either way…find the way to vote that works for you…so Democracy can work for all of us.

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