Dreams interpreted - zombies, moving house and nightmares

Dreams interpreted - zombies, moving house and nightmares

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Paul Unkrur is a psychologist and the Sunrise dream interpreter. This segment has a Halloween theme.

Here's the first one: "So I had a dream. She and I were in a zombie apocalypse and there were zombies everywhere. And there was a zombie on the roof. He was clearly eating someone cause we could hear the footsteps. There was someone screaming "help me". But for some reason we were in the house and I wasn't afraid at all. It was just very casual and I was like, oh well, someone is getting eaten upstairs. and there wasn't any terror, which is weird."

Paul said that an apocalypse typically represents some sort of big change in your life or something coming to an end. It can mean abandoning one lifestyle for another, such as a divorce. If you are the zombie, that means you're detaching yourself and not really interacting with people. But it you are getting attacked by zombies, it can represent the fear of being overwhelmed by a power you have no control over. In this particular dream, because he didn't feel any fear, he may have already been through a lot in his life. At this point, he may think I'm not going to worry about any of that non-sense anymore. I'm going to stay in my house, stay with my friend and try to live a good life.

Here's dream number 2 from Maria Ortiz: "I had a dream that me my parents and my two sisters were in a brand new home. In the dream, some rooms are filled with antique furniture. Rooms reappear and disappear. Furniture appears and disappears. There are ghosts and spirits in the house. The basement is a strange furnace. Rooms within rooms that you get lost. Each room gets smaller and smaller and then I wake up."

Paul said that what's important is that she's with her family. He believes there may have been some sort of trauma in the past which the dreamer is unable to escape or shrug off. No matter what she does to try and forget it, that particular incident keeps coming back to haunt her.

As for the question of why do we have nightmares, Paul said that it's a way for our brain to cope with the different issues we have in life. Whether they are our insecurities or fears, they can manifest in scary dreams, but that's completely normal.

If you have a dream you would like to have interpreted, you can email it on video or via a message to paulunkrur@yahoo.com.

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