Why aren't the lights timed on Farrington Hwy. in Nanakuli?

From Nicole:

Contraflow in Nanakuli is crazy.  If the traffic lights were set to be green at the same time, maybe it would be smoother.  In addition, at the Laumania St.  there is an HPD officer pushing the crosswalk button to change the light.  Can that be programmed to work better?  The Nanakuli bridge could be used rather than back tracking from Laumania St.  Open the bridge and drive through the park would avoid back tracking in traffic.

Response from the State:

HDOT and the City and County Department of Transportation Services has been out several times in the past couple of years to assess the timing of traffic lights along Farrington Highway. We have planned a joint assessment that was scheduled for two months after implementation to study the area after traffic patterns normalize.