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Spooky Stories: Pork over the Pali

(Image: Lopaka Kapanui) (Image: Lopaka Kapanui)
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Halloween is less than a week away, and we brought in master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui shared some spooky Hawaiian tales on Sunrise. This one is the story behind why you should never bring pork over the Pali from the Windward side to the Leeward side.

Pele, the goddess of the volcano, and Kamapua'a, the pig god, have a disagreement. Pele chases Kamapua'a with her lava flow and it turns out that he gets to the Windward side of the island just in time to lay flat on the ground and chants and it treats the earth and great roots from trees to rise up and hold back Pele's lava flow and then the great rains come and cools off the fire.

Pele appears to Kamapua'a the pig god and says, "I guess I can't kill you so what are we gonna do?" And they make this agreement that he will stay on his side of the island: wet, lush and green -- that's the Windward side. And she'll stay on her side of the island: dry, arid and hot -- the Leeward side. And that none are to pass into the other's territory. 

A couple years ago, on a ghost tour, a group wants to make an offering at the Pali lookout, and they send one boy to do the offering, and he's got pork items in his hand. I ask my assistant to take the boy down the road and do the offering and then come back, but my assistant misunderstood what I said. They're coming back, and the boy still has the offering in his hand.

My wife takes a picture, and when the picture comes out, there's a green swirling mist right below his hands.

In the actual picture behind them, you can see two 7-foot tall apparitions. I told them, "Because you brought the offering back, it is now haumea, it's defiled, and so is everyone else on this tour." I had to go back to the Pali lookout myself, 4 in the morning, to offer prayers of apology.

You see, you can bring pork to the Windward tunnel, the Wilson tunnel and the H-3. But the place that you cannot bring from the Pali is from the Windward side to the Leeward side from the Old Pali Road.

True story.

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