HPD: Officers' actions before Kunia shooting were appropriate

Honolulu police respond to criticism of officers' actions before Kunia shooting
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Police mug shot)
(Image: Police mug shot)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A 52-year-old Kunia man who allegedly fired dozens of shots at a neighbor's home Saturday has been charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and gun crimes.

As police investigated the incident Monday, they also responded to criticism that officers could have done more to prevent it.

The woman whose home was targeted, Dawn Aglipay, said she called police multiple times Saturday afternoon to share concerns about her neighbor. When the shooting happened, Aglipay, her husband and their two boys were forced to run into a bathroom to avoid being injured.

Police told reporter Monday that Aglipay did call 911 five times Saturday, and that officers responded each time.

But police Maj. Dagen Tsuchida says officers didn't have enough to arrest suspect Scott Vidinha for the first two calls.

Aglipay called police the first time because Vidinha allegedly made inappropriate comments to her teen boys. Later, she told police she thought she saw Vidinha carrying a rifle in a guitar case into his home.

"The officers did everything they could at that time," Tsuchida said.

The third time Aglipay called, she reported hearing one gunshot from Vidinha's home.

Officers did talk to Vidinha after that call. He denied having a weapon, and denied the officers' request to check his home.

HPD says the officers couldn't do anything else.

The fourth call Aglipay made was to report that Vidinha was naked, taunting her family outside their Kunia condo. Cell phone video shows his pants on the stairs right outside and Vidinha dancing naked outsider her home and laughing at her.

"The police are coming," Aglipay can be heard telling him in the video.

HPD says officers were on the way to that call when the fifth call came in from Aglipay. In that call, Aglipay said her neighbor was firing dozens of shots right outside the family's door.

Bullet holes riddled the inside and outside of the home after the shooting.

"It's obvious he wasn't trying to scare us. It was obvious he was trying to kill us," Aglipay told Hawaii News Now.

And she contends HPD should have done more with her previous complaints.

On Monday, Aglipay also went to Honolulu District Court to request a temporary restraining order. She's concerned Vidinha will be able to bail out.

Aglipay also says the rifle used Saturday belongs to one of Vidinha's relatives, and that he took it without permission.

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