Kunia man fires dozens of bullets at neighbor's home

Kunia family shaken after neighbor fires dozens of bullets into home
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

KUNIA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kunia man was arrested for attempted murder Saturday after firing dozens of bullets at a neighbor's home.

The shots rang out about 3 p.m., after several alleged confrontations between the man and his neighbors.

Once the shooting stopped, bullet holes were visible inside and outside the home, including in the kitchen and on the front door.

Dawn Aglipay, whose home was targeted, said that "it's obvious he wasn't trying to scare us. It was obvious he was trying to kill us."

Aglipay said when the neighbor started shooting, she, her husband and their two sons ran to the bathroom to seek shelter.

"(It was) like about 20 gunshots were firing at that time," Aglipay said.

Aglipay identified the shooter as her neighbor, 52-year-old Scott Vidinha.

She says earlier in the day, Vidinha made sexual comments to her two boys as they carried groceries upstairs.

"He said some inappropriate things to me," said one of boys, Kana'i Aglipay. "He told me 'don't tell your parents' and he was pointing his finger up like don't tell them and stuff."

Aglipay called the police -- twice -- but she says nothing was done.

Shortly thereafter, she saw Vidinha leave in a car and return later with an AR-15 rifle, enclosed in what looked like a guitar case.

"He had a vest and it looked like he was putting ammunition into his vest," Aglipay said.

Aglipay called police a third time after she heard a gunshot coming from Vidinha's home.

That prompted officers to respond to the scene, but police found nothing. "They told me he had no signs of any guns and no signs a gun had been shot," she said.

In fact, Aglipay says officers told her it seemed like she was the one harassing Vidinha.

Police left the area and about 10 minutes later, Aglipay recorded Vidinha on her cell phone as he exposed himself on their front lawn.

"He calls us and drops his pants and says all kinds of crazy things, then he says 'I'm going to shoot you through the wall,'" said Aglipay. "Of course I didn't believe him because I didn't think he would do that."

Shortly afterward, shots were fired at the home.

Aglipay says at least 30 rounds of ammunition were fired into her home. Fortunately, no one was hit.

"Our angels were holding the door and they were around us," she said, adding that she believes the incident could have been prevented if police would have taken her earlier calls more seriously.

"This could've been avoided because we called them three times in an hour and a half to two hours," she said.

Aglipay adds she still fears for her family's safety.

"I'm just concerned if he could make bail and get out," she said.

Vidinha was charged Monday afternoon for first-degree attempted murder, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and first-degree reckless endangerment, according to Honolulu police. His bail was set at $1 million, but he was still in police custody at last check Tuesday morning.

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