Ask the Mayor: Maui mayor on HC&S workers, Iao Valley, Komoda Bakery

Maui Mayor on HC&S workers, repairing Iao Valley and Komoda Bakery's 100th anniversary

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa visited the Sunrise set. He gave an update on the Hawaii Commercial and Sugar workers who are in the process of getting laid off. He said about 100 more have been let go as the harvest ends. They've also managed to find jobs for 113 employees in other areas. Some have gone back to school to get training. There have been job fairs, as well, so they can explore their options. This will continue until all the employees are placed. Arakawa has gotten about $1 million from the federal government secured through Representative Tulsi Gabbard. American workers who are displaced by foreign competition can be eligible for federal money to help them.

The  massive erosion of the Wailuku river from last month will probably cost about $15 to $20 million according to the Mayor. The county has already pledged $5 million and the area has been declared a federal disaster zone so that it's also eligible for money at the national level. The mayor said that the money they have will only cover the initial phase.

Some people who attended the 94th Maui Festival were upset because there were no "flying saucers". The toasted sandwiches have a chili like beef inside with cheese and are heated. They've been a popular treat for decades. The mayor said the World War II veterans who ran the booth are getting too old to do all of the work. He's hoping that someone else will pick it up in the near future.

Komoda Bakery is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The well-known spot is known for donuts on a stick and cream puffs, among other tasty delights. It's in Makawao, Arakawa said it's one of the best bakeries in the state. To mark the occasion, we showed the time Dan lost his doughnut on Maui. It fell off the stick and onto the ground. The mayor brought some replacement doughnuts for the crew.

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