Local Connection: No Debate

Local Connection: No Debate

At Hawaii News Now we are proud to do our duty to voters of Hawaii with the most competent, complete and comprehensive televised political coverage in this state.

Voters are served even better these days with our award-winning digital and social media sites.  Free of charge… a voter can easily find the top candidates explaining in detail their positions on the biggest issues.  We provide easy access …with no pay walls…to all our political coverage going back through the entire election cycle.

In the Honolulu Mayor's race, we were the only station to devote a full hour of prime time to a debate between the three primary candidates.  It fully and fairly exposed the candidates' strengths and weaknesses in a challenging forum.  The debate has continued into the general – with both candidates appearing regularly in live segments to answer questions from journalists and viewers.

It is because of these extensive efforts that we do not believe a second, prime-time debate is necessary before the general election. The race is essentially between the same two men as it was before the primary.  Our first debate was excellent – doing it again would feel like déjà vu. The primary debate and all the candidates' Sunrise appearances are posted prominently on our website in their entirety.

We remain committed to televised debate as an important part of the democratic process.  But when a debate will simply be a rerun, it could do more to turn off voters than excite them.

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