Why is the H-1 Full of Patches? It's Damaging Cars

From Suzanne:  

My issue is with H1 east in Pearl City to Pearl Harbor.  Why is the road full of patches? It causes people to cut their speed in half backing traffic up to the H1/H2 merge.  If they would pave that smooth it would stop the constant breaking and damage to our cars.  Some work was done on the road then it stopped.

Response from state Department of Transportation: 

The original concrete roadway on the H-1 eastbound from Pearl City to Pearl Harbor has settled and cracked with time. Over the years asphalt concrete was placed over the settled areas to provide some kind of improvement as replacing the sections with conventional cast-in-place concrete would be extremely time consuming and expensive with significant impacts to the public. HDOT used a precast concrete technology near the pedestrian bridge in Aiea that is working well. HDOT is attempting to prioritize $35 million to improve this area using the same process over the next couple of years.