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Why Don't We Use the Zip Lane in the Evening?

From C. Nordell:

I suggest opening the zipper in the evening so that car pools can move quicker toward the west side.

Response from state Department of Transportation:

HDOT looked at a PM Zipper Lane to add an additional lane of capacity in the westbound direction from Halawa to Waiawa during peak traffic periods. However, after study of the impacts an afternoon zipper would have on eastbound traffic and the expected operational costs, HDOT pursued the following projects to add the desired capacity: the afternoon shoulder lane from Halawa to Waimalu and the 24/7 additional lane from Waimalu to Waiawa.

HDOT believes this resulted in a better product for the community. Opening the zipper in its current orientation to flow westbound during afternoon peak would not improve the capacity of the highway at this time.

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