Red Cross assisting residents affected by Waiehu fire

Red Cross assisting residents affected by Waiehu fire

A blaze destroyed a Waiehu home late Sunday, causing more than $400,000 in damage to the structure and its contents.

Maui fire officials said the cause of the blaze remains undetermined, but said one of the occupants of the home had been charging a lithium ion battery in a charging device before the fire started.

Fire officials said the charging device and battery were found on a bed, and that the bed is where the fire originated.

The battery was in a charging block and used a USB cord to plug into the wall. The rechargeable battery was used to charge the owner's flashlight and an e-cigarette.

The fire started about 10:27 p.m., and was extinguished by 1:24 a.m.

Three adults and three children who live in the home are displaced and being assisted by the American Red Cross of Hawaii. They were uninjured.

Fire officials said the blaze is a good opportunity to remind residents about fire safety. If a fire is found in one room, officials said, it's always a good idea to close the door to the room and flee in hopes of minimizing the fire's spread.

In this case, the room to the bedroom where the fire started was left open.

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