Mayor Caldwell explains what sets him apart from Djou

Why Mayor Caldwell is different from Djou and has not replaced police commission chair

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mayor Kirk Caldwell appeared for an "Ask the Mayor" segment on Sunrise. The first question: In the Star Advertiser, Lee Cataluna wrote that there really is no difference between Mayor Caldwell and his challenger Charles Djou. That's the reason, she said, there is little interest in the upcoming mayoral election. Mayor Caldwell disagreed saying that he has a plan in place to make sure the rail system is finished. He is deeply committed to this project, while Djou has been against it the whole time. Djou has said recently, that he will finish the project but promises not to raise taxes despite the $1.8 billion shortage. Mayor Caldwell also said that the two have very different leadership styles.

Ron Taketa is the chair of the city police commission. His post expired more than 9 months ago, however, the mayor has not replaced him. We asked why that is. Mayor Caldwell said that Taketa provides a wealth of experience at a time when the commission needs it the most. He is relying on Taketa to lead the commission through this difficult period when the HPD chief is in the middle of a federal probe. Caldwell also reiterated that despite Taketa's position as the head of the powerful Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, he is not keeping him there for political reasons or to help with his re-election bid.

If re-elected. Caldwell said that roads and upgrading the sewer system will still be his highest priorities as far as infrastructure is concerned. He said that the city is ahead of its own goals to repave roads. He also hopes to improve the sewer system, so that more homes and condominiums can be built to address the current housing shortage.

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