Fall quarter: Fewer seats to Honolulu, more to neighbor islands

Fall quarter: Fewer seats to Honolulu, more to neighbor islands
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - From now to the end of the year, there will be fewer airline seats to Honolulu from the rest of the world – but more to Kahului, Kona, Hilo and Lihue.

Overall capacity for October, November and December will rise a mere 0.2%, less than 7,000 seats over three months: 2,908,687 compared to 2,901,736 last year, according to a state census of air seats.

By airport:

  • Honolulu 1,965,760, down 1%.
  • Kahului 568,148, up 2.8%.
  • Kona 202,191, up 4.7%.
  • Hilo 11,916, up 5.3%.
  • Lihue 160,672, up 1.3%.

This isn't the full story: It doesn't count charters or the dozens of private jets that park at Kona over the Christmas holidays. And it doesn't take into account the phenomenon seen this summer, when so many flights flew fuller than last year that arrivals rose even as capacity diminished.

October capacity up, but not everywhere

For the month of October alone, the state counts 926,776 air seats, up 0.4%, or about 4,000 more. But airlift to Kona will be down 3.1%, or about 800 seats.

Seats from LAX, 192,086, will be down 0.9%, or about 1,600 fewer seats than last year, but still the single greatest source of visitors. It's more than all the seats from Japanese cities (158,320, down 1.4%) or all the seats from SFO, Oakland and San Jose put together (154,145, or 1,200 more seats than last year).

Pacific Northwest capacity will be flat, with 1,000 more seats from SeaTac offsetting 1,000 fewer from Portland.

There will be hundreds more seats from JFK, served by Hawaiian Airlines, more than offsetting a decline in seats from Newark Liberty, served by United Airlines.

International capacity will be up 0.2% despite a 1.4% decline from Japan, fewer seats from Sydney, and less Canadian airlift to neighbor islands.

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