Local Connection: Teacher Report Card

Local Connection: Teacher Report Card

Another independent group has ranked Hawaii's schools system dead last in a national comparison.

This time Wallet-hub crunched the salary numbers and management policies and said Hawaii is the least attractive state in the nation for teachers.

The teachers union will be using this latest report to lobby for substantial pay raises and better conditions during negotiations which are just underway and should conclude during next years' legislature.

They should probably not get their hopes up too high.  That's because in Hawaii the department of education has very little say about teacher pay. It's negotiated between the governor and the union. The cost of any settlement must be approved by the legislature.

It's very confusing for families and voters who assume the department of education is accountable.  So as this debate plays out – let's recognize the governor is in the driver's seat when it comes to funding our school system. And if we find it is underfunded…the governor's office is where the buck should stop.

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