Local Connection: Roy Hall

Local Connection: Roy Hall

Last week, we brought you the tragic story of Roy Hall. The 68-year-old Vietnam vet died of lung cancer which he blamed on Agent Orange exposure.

His cancer was not detected by V-A doctors and by the time it was discovered, it was too late. Roy and his wife Edy said his cancer symptoms were ignored while the doctor insisted they were caused by his P-T-S-D.

Roy shared his story during one of his last moments of consciousness hoping to help other vets.  His words were muffled between his gasps for breath but his bitterness and frustration were crystal clear.

The V-A denied Roy received anything but high-quality care. But that's hard to imagine when there are only four primary care VA doctors for over 4-thousand aging Hawaii island veterans.

While the facts may be disputed, there is no dispute that the VA must do more to improve a fragmented and under-funded system especially on our neighbor islands.

That was Roy's message. And it needs to be heard and repeated.

The tragedy is that a man who bravely served his country died too soon and with anger in his heart.. instead of the peace he so richly deserved.

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