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Getting Out of Gridlock

Could UH West Oahu Help Relieve College Student Traffic?

From Amy:

I don't understand why UH West can't have more classes and be a full university.  Wasn't that the reason to keep west side residents there?  I heard that people are still commuting to Manoa because classes they need are not offered at the west campus.  I don't think they even have all the basic classes.  Changing the time classes start may help, but the West campus should offer more classes so they don't have to drive to Manoa.

Response from Dan Meisenzahl, University of Hawaii:

The expansion of UH West Oahu is a part of UH's long range plans and it is the only UH campus that has seen an increase in enrollment the last five years. The continued growth of UH West Oahu will take time, funding and continued government and community support. Construction of the Allied Health building is scheduled to start by the end of 2016, and the legislature appropriated funding for another new building that will be the home of the Creative Media program. We are waiting for proposals from developers for a private/public development of a university type village at the entrance of the school. It is envisioned to provide housing, eateries and other businesses that will serve students, faculty and staff along with the surrounding community. The development would also serve as a revenue source to fund the continued expansion of the campus.

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