Dogs attack cyclist on bike path near Nimitz Highway

Dogs attack cyclist on bike path near Nimitz Highway

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Vanessa Cass bikes the 10 miles from Manoa to her job at Pearl Harbor four days a week.

But in mid-September she was forced to make an adjustment to her route after a scary run-in with dogs near the Keehi Transfer Station.

She said dogs ran up to her as she was biking and starting barking aggressively. Two dogs then bit through her bag, and one was trying to pull her.

She managed to keep her balance.

"I almost crashed out into a pile of trash but I was able to ride over a bag and keep going," she said.

It's at least the second dog attack along the stretch of bike path so far this year. Dozens of dogs belonging to homeless people living in the area have been called a safety threat, and since May, Hawaiian Humane Society workers have removed 30 dogs from the area.

Some were puppies. Others micro-chipped and returned to their owners.

The state says it's only received one call recently reporting aggressive dogs compared to eight earlier this year.  But that does little to give people who use this path on a regular basis peace of mind.

"I always got my eye out," said biker Don Teixeira. "There's a lot of big pit bulls down that side. They were on chains and they tried to get me."

Those dogs could be seen on Tuesday, and many more were off their leashes.

Meantime, Cass says she's done with that portion of the bike path, opting to take her chances on the highway.

"It's predictable to some degree, where the dogs I have no idea what they're going to do," she said.

To report a dangerous dog, call the Hawaiian Humane Society at 356-2200.

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