HNN political analyst breaks down presidential debate

HNN political analyst breaks down presidential debate

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Colin Moore is the Hawaii News Now political analyst. We asked him who won the first presidential debate between democrat Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump. He said that on the merits of the debate, Clinton won, but he's not sure that either candidate was able to win over more voters with that performance. Clinton did better, but Trump didn't fall on his face, Moore said.

Moore said it was apparent that Clinton was well-prepared for this debate. She is an excellent student. She was sure to remain composed in the split screen. She is known to be a master of policy. The fear going in was that Clinton would appear smug or obnoxious, but Moore doesn't believe she fell into that trap.

Moore said that Trump's strongest moment of the night was when he attacked Clinton over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that was signed by her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Trump said it was the worst agreement the U.S. has ever signed. He painted Clinton as a Washington insider who doesn't get the job done, said Moore.

What advice would Moore give the candidates for the next debates? He said, Trump needs to be more presidential in his manner by remaining calm and in command of the facts. He talks too much about himself, pointed out Moore. For Clinton, she needs to acknowledge Trumps base in the hopes of winning some of them over.

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