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     If you think Edward Snowden is a hero for leaking information that the National Security Agency collected on millions of American citizens,  by all means check out SNOWDEN, the polished new movie from Oliver Stone, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And if you enjoyed watching the romantic misadventures of Rene Zellweger in the first two Bridget Jones movies, then you might enjoy watching BRIDGET JONES’S BABY, but I can’t recommend it.

                               BRIDGET JONES’S BABY

Bridget: I can’t go back and keep making the same mistakes…I’m pregnant!…when I can make new ones.     

     15 years ago I enjoyed the first movie about Bridget Jones, the single British woman who just can’t seem to find lasting love. And the second movie in 2004 was OK. But this third time, for me, is definitely not a charm.

       The problem isn’t the always likable Rene Zellweger. It’s the soap opera farce of a script.

       You see, Bridget sleeps with two different men just before she gets pregnant and she doesn’t know which one is the father. 

Bridget (talking to the two potential fathers): This is the fun part, I suppose. Owing to these relations, the resulting life form currently residing in my tummy could actually in fact be either of yours.

       For me, that kind of dilemma just isn’t funny. And instead of everyone getting DNA tests to settle the issue, the script takes us all the way to the birth of the baby before there’s an answer. Many people find BRIDGET JONES’S BABY hilarious, but it didn’t work for me.


Snowden: How is this all possible?

CIA Hacker: Think of it as a google search except instead of searching only what they make public, we’re also looking at everything they don’t. emails, chats, SMS, whatever.

Snowden: Yeah, but which people?

Hacker: The whole kingdom, Snow White.

        It’s impossible to escape politics in a review of SNOWDEN directed by the always controversial Oliver Stone. 

        It’s a terrific movie if you admire Snowden, and a piece of propaganda if you don’t. 

NSA Mentor: Most Americans don’t want freedom; they want security. 

Snowden: Except people don’t even know they’ve made that bargain.

     Whether you see Edward Snowden as a hero or a traitor, it would be hard to deny that Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a great job in the title role.

       Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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