Local Connection: New Police Commissioner

Local Connection: New Police Commissioner

It has been two years since Honolulu police chief Louis Kealoha was first accused of abusing his position to give his wife an advantage in a financial dispute with her family.

Since then…a federal prosecutor has been investigating more serious allegations.  Hawaii News Now reported exclusively last week current and former officers were informed by prosecutors there is enough evidence to charge them with serious felonies.

In the meantime… Kealoha's management of the department has also come under fire;  for alleged favoritism in promotions…lax discipline for police violence and a culture too tolerant of domestic abuse.

During all this time…the police commission had not once publicly questioned the chief about these important issues.  If there was questioning…it was in secret.

All that changed last week…when newly-appointed commissioner Loretta Sheehan ("Shee-in") asked about all these issues in an open meeting.  
This is the way it should be. The commission represents the public…and is supposed to be supervising the chief… not the other way around.  It remains to be seen whether other commissioners will begin taking their role as seriously as Ms. Sheehan. They should.

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