Maui County Mayor discusses recent storm, hospital transfers

Maui County Mayor discusses recent storm, hospital transfers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa has lived in Maui long enough to see a lot of goods things, as well as the bad.

But Arakawa said the effects of this week's torrential rainfall was a rare scene even for him.

In a west Maui neighborhood just south of Lahaina, the rain caused a river to swell by so much that a portion of it changed its route by as much as 100 yards. Consequently, several families who thought they were safe from a river upsurge because they were so far away are having to face the reality of flood damage

Arakawa said the county is working with the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in addition to deploying bulldozers and backhoes to clean up areas cluttered with debris.

Arakawa also spoke of the transition of Maui County hospitals to Kaiser Permanente and expressed his repeated disappointment in being unable to obtain information of the deal from either the governor's office or the United Public Workers (UPW).

He said the longer it takes for the transition to finalize, it only makes the situation worse for the residents of his county who need medical attention.

Delays in the process makes it harder to recruit doctors, nurses and other medical personnel due to concerns over job security, Arakawa said.

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