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What's trending- Beatles documentary, the zebra sister and a dog gone trip

(Image: Youtube: StudioCanaLuk) (Image: Youtube: StudioCanaLuk)
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For what's trending today, Howard tells us about a Beatles documentary that Ron Howard is directing. "Eight Days a Week" is out this weekend in theaters and on Hulu. It features the earliest known professional color-and-sound footage of the band, from 1963.They also found footage from a D.C. stadium concert where they kept turning the band 90 degrees so that everyone could see them - facing front - part of the time. At one turn, Ringo's drum kit is stuck to the stage and he pretends to become exhausted in trying to move it.,Then, he gives one of the most energetic performances of his career. Paul McCartney tears up describing the first time Ringo played with the band. Ringo says he's an only child but it was like suddenly having three brothers. "Eight Days a Week" sticks to the early years and really takes you there.

Grace shared a video showing a big sister who is obsessed with zebras. So much so, that she turned her little sister into a zebra - with a sharpie.

Steve showed a dog's reaction when he realizes he's getting taken to a dog park. He can't contain his excitement and joy.

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