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What's trending - national cheeseburger day, moon rampages across China and kitty kisses

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In "What's Trending", Howard tells us that this Sunday is National Cheeseburger Day. In celebration, a cheese company on the mainland commissioned a poll of 2,000 people, reading off a list of cheeses and asking, do you like or love the following. Two out of three like or love cheddar and American, which is a former of cheddar, but we won't quibble. Swiss got 43% like-or-love, pepper jack 40%. One in three like provolone and Colby, which many people think is a former of cheddar, but it's not. One in six gave their seal of approval to Muenster and Gouda. One in 10 approved of Havarti and Gruyere.

Grace shared this story. It's time for the mid-autumn festival in China. It's also known as the moon festival which is the second biggest celebration by the Chinese after New Year's Day. This year because of the stormy conditions, you can't really see the moon in Fuzhou. So officials have put up large inflatable ones for the people to enjoy. Lots of pictures have been posted in celebration. But this became a problem as super typhoon Meranti headed their way. The wind was so strong that the inflatable moon sprung free from its tether. It was making its way across the city. It's not hurting anyone, but it is out of control.  The headline I saw was "Large inflatable moon harmlessly rampages through Chinese city". Keep in mind, this was before it made landfall on mainland China.

Dan shared video of a very affectionate cat, who insists on kissing his owner on the lips.

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